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Our Process

We believe your money should give you the freedom to live the life you want.








We don’t just create strategies, we create outcomes that are tailored to you and your family. Our mantra is happiness. We want you to feel financially secure without feeling deprived. We help Australian families reduce their debt so they can secure better lifestyles

What makes My Family Finance different?

We’re passionate about helping you live life on your terms. This means creating long-term, holistic plans that balance present-day life and future security. We focus on what matters most to you, helping you find the right way financially.

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Personalise Plan 

Life is all about you, what you want and how you want to live it. We will guide you towards the outcomes you want by investing time in understanding your aspirations, goals, motivations and concerns.

Financial Goals made easy 

We know that it can be a challenge to get where you want to be with your finances. We are committed to helping you reach your goals. We do this by addressing each financial goal you have in a simple and straightforward way.

No Hidden Fees 

Our services are value-based, not commission-based. We want to help you take control of your finances and make the most of your money, whatever stage you’re at in life. 

The Process


Our process simply has been designed around you and your lifestyle. 

  • We start the process to get to know you and understand what is important to you.    
  • We then create a tailored and personalised process to start your journey, whether it’s to help get your first mortgage, refinance to save you money or design a plan to pay down your mortgage faster and help create wealth through property investing.
  • From an online fact find, to an executive assistant to guide you to the end, we have you covered.  
  • We believe you'll like the services we have to offer and will be a lifelong client and will do wonderful things with us.


Are you ready to start

a new chapter in your life?

"Thanking My Family Finance, for helping me recently in restructuring my finances, now I have more time & money to spend on my family rather than working long hours and struggling to make ends meet.  Thanking Prashant as a friend and now more part of our family."

- Steve -


We provide more than advice.

We help you overturn your financial life in a positive way,

guiding and working with you every step of the way.